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Masters in Social Work is a masters degree one can pursue from the arts department at CVRU Bihar. Our aim is to provide every student with a high quality education in whichever field they choose. Students can go for a Masters in Social Work once they complete a bachelors in social work or a bachelors in any other stream. No specific type of graduation is a prerequisite for this course.
Many people wish to pursue their careers in social work but due to lack of guidance and proper educational facilities, they may not be able to pursue this dream of theirs. We want to make sure that any student who has a dream to be a social worker can pursue this dream. CVRU Bihar develops their curriculum carefully, keeping in mind the latest trends and developments of the field. An MSW course is perfect for any student who wishes to go for a career in social work in community, hospitals, schools and other social service fields along with macro and micro aspects of social work practices.

Who should go for MSW course?

MSW course is a requirement for anyone who wishes to hold clinical, supervisory or program director roles. It is considered the terminal role in the field of social work, although higher degrees do exist in other fields. After doing this degree, one can work in the fields of medical, mental health and educational fields.
A masters in social work will open the doors for many opportunities.

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Masters In Social Work (MSW)
Eligiblity : - Bachelors degree in any discipline from a recognized university
Duration : - 2 years
Program Outcome

In the changing world today, people have increased their focus on machines and technology, while this makes it even more important to focus on the human aspect of things. The number of people who are deprived and disadvantaged is more on the rise than ever before. This is where social work comes into play. A social worker tries to prevent the kind of problems associated with poverty, unemployment, inadequate health and educational facilities. People who are not privileged also often fall victim to other bad habits like drug, alcohol and other types of substance abuse. Social workers work in these areas as well.

Program Specific Outcome

Social workers also work towards improving the lives of certain sections of society that may be worse off due to them being underprivileged. They work on categories of underprivileged people like the elderly, women, children and orphans. The purpose of social work is no longer philanthropic, but it is considered an actual job with really good prospects which makes the demand for an MSW course higher, as many colleges are offering these courses. Students join such a course for the nobility and novelty of the course, along with the desire to help people.

Career Prospects

Graduates in MSW get a very high number of career opportunities. These opportunities are all related to social and charitable work.

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