The arts are an underappreciated field and one of the most versatile as well. There is so much to learn from that stream. We at CVRU do not treat arts as a stream of study, but rather as a way to get in touch with your human side, and make yourself better as a human being. Arts help you understand humanity as a whole, including human nature, social interactions and gather new perspectives on how the world functions.
We established the arts college in CVRU to provide students with arts courses in some of the most popular streams of arts. The university also ensures that its students and teachers are well connected with other art colleges in Patna to ensure a steady flow of knowledge between colleges.
Studying in an arts college opens up many job opportunities for you and also allows you to keep the option of further studies open. A BA hons course would help students specialize in the field of their choice at the undergraduate level itself. CVRU is one of the best art colleges in Patna.

Key Features

  • Full time faculty with both knowledge and experience
  • Fully functional labs with state of the art facilities
  • Placement assistance for every student
  • Guest lectures by industry experts
  • Chances to use and apply practical knowledge within the university.
Studying arts is a really good option for people who are not interested in technical or biological knowledge. While there may not be any laboratory experiments and other such factors in an education in arts, there are several mind and thought experiments. An education in arts will make you think deeply about different perspectives and how the world functions. It is for the truly creative mind. If you have always been curious about the history of humankind and how human beings have shaped the world to what it is today, you would love the whole environment of studying in an arts college and you would find many like minded people to be your friends at an art college.
A student would find classrooms bubbling with the energy of intellectual discussions between teachers and students alike. An arts college also provides you with the necessary knowledge for all public service exams. For example, arts colleges in Patna will give one insight into knowledge one would need for Bihar PSC exams. A student gets knowledge in history, sociology, political science and other subjects very necessary for public service examinations.

Other Facilities at C.V Raman University, Bihar

  • Hostel facilities
  • Fully equipped library
  • Canteen and cafeteria
  • Medical facilities
  • Wi-Fi in campus
  • Scholarships
  • Training and placement cell
  • Extra curricular activities and much more


BA Hons. (Hindi, English, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, History)

Eligiblity :- Passing 12th examinations from any recognized board.
Duration :- Three years
Career Prospects
  • One can apply for Central or State government job openings that require a graduate degree.
  • One can go for a B.Ed. degree which would enable one to be able to teach in the field you have studied in any government or private institution.
  • Studying arts gives a student the chance to give UPSC/ Bihar PSC examinations. An education in arts provides students an in-depth knowledge of specific subjects which they can choose as their optional subjects while going for UPSC or PSC examinations.
  • A student can also pursue higher studies in the same subject through a masters or M.A degree. This degree would qualify them to appear for UGC NET and they can start working as an assistant professor in various colleges.
  • Go for MBA. After graduation, a student can appear for various MBA entrance examinations.
  • Students can also take the decision to study abroad. B.A Hons is a recognized degree world over and students can appear for examinations like GRE or GMAT and go for MS or MBA abroad. There are several scholarships that exist for deserving candidates.

M.A. (Hindi, English, Political science, Sociology, Geography, History)

Eligiblity :- Graduate in any discipline
Duration :- Two years divided into four semesters with two semesters in each year
Career Prospects
  • One can apply for central or state government jobs that require you to at least have a graduation degree.
  • One can appear for UPSC or Bihar PSC examinations, since a student would already get an in-depth knowledge of the subjects of their choice, they could appear for these examinations and choose those subjects as their optional subjects.
  • Having an M.A degree qualifies a student to appear for UGC NET, after clearing which a student can start teaching in colleges as an assistant professor.
  • An additional B.Ed degree can enable a student to start teaching in schools. One can teach in both private and government schools once they have a B.Ed degree.
  • One can also pursue studies abroad. Students can still appear for GRE or GMAT and study M.S. or MBA abroad. Many scholarships are also available for deserving students.
  • A student can also choose to pursue higher studies in their respective fields, by going for M.Phil or Phd.

Bachelor of Library B.Lib

Eligiblity :- Graduation degree in any stream
Duration :- One year
Career Prospects
  • Assistant Librarian in Schools/ Colleges/ Universities and various educational institutions.
  • Librarian in Embassies/ Research institutes/ news agencies/ Govt. and Private libraries/ Photo and film libraries.

Master of Library (M. Lib.)

Eligiblity :- Graduation in B.Lib.
Duration :- One year divided into two semesters
Career Prospects
  • Librarian, Library administrator or cataloguer in Schools/ Colleges/ Universities and various educational institutions.
  • Librarian, Library administrator or cataloguer in Embassies/ Research institutes/ news agencies/ Govt. and Private libraries/ Photo and film libraries.
  • Web service librarian

M.Phil. (Hindi,English,Political Science,Sociology,Geography,History,Economics,Library Sciences)

Eligiblity :- M.A in respective field with aggregate 55% or above.
Duration :- 1.5 years
Career Prospects
  • Assistant professor / Professor of specific discipline in various govt. and private colleges.
  • Social worker with various local and international NGOs working in various areas like human rights, women empowerment, rural development.
  • Consultant for various research firms and think tanks.
  • Research assistant/ researcher in various departments of state and central govt.