Agriculture is one of the most important and integral aspects of India’s livelihood and economy. Over 50% of the population of India is working in agriculture related sectors. That makes it even more important for universities to recognize the need for an agricultural sector in universities, and C.V Raman University recognizes that need, which is why a fully functional agricultural department has been established in CVRU Bihar. The department is well equipped with the latest infrastructure and technologies to ensure development in the field of agriculture.
C.V Raman University, Bihar is one of the best agriculture colleges in Bihar. Agricultural engineering stands for all things related to harvesting and husbandry, including cultivating plants for food, medicine and bio fuel and other resources necessary for human sustenance. Agriculture contributes to at least 25% of the GDP or gross domestic product of India.
The course offered by CVRU Bihar places an importance on every aspect of agriculture and the course curriculum is designed such that it focuses on developing new practices of harvesting crops that are safe for the environment, as taking good care of the environment is more important now than it ever was before. The course would provide an in depth study of seeds, farming, cultivation and anything else needed by a student to get a chance to explore a bright future in the field of agriculture. The course is a research based course where students can opt to do more research on a topic that interests them in order to improve agricultural techniques to increase productivity and to preserve the quality of the crop.
The course does not just focus on classroom learning and lectures but also includes practical aspects like field visits, poly house visits, industrial visits, laboratory visits or any other visits that take place outside of the university campus. The idea is to not just be well versed with the theoretical knowledge of agriculture but also be well acquainted with the practical so that students understand the usage of modern tools and techniques in agriculture. Because of this, students get a hands on experience at learning new agricultural practices, soil management through land and soil surveys, water management, and basic biotechnology that is used in agricultural practices today.

Being one of the top agriculture colleges in India, CVRU Bihar, provides students with the latest information and development in the field of agriculture and keeps them updated with everything that may be happening in the agriculture industry. The course offered teaches its students new and improved farming practices, water resource management, how to tell the difference between different soil types and more information relating to agriculture.

Bachelor of science in agriculture is an undergraduate course that focuses on learning all of the latest developments in the agricultural sector as agriculture is one of the most important sectors in India, economically and otherwise. Since crops and farming are highly dependent on environmental and seasonal factors, students are taught to become well versed with these things as well. The need for agriculture courses is higher now than it ever was because of the increase in population that leads to an increase in demand for crops and food. A Bsc in agriculture would prepare a student for just this need.
Bsc in agriculture from one of the top agriculture colleges in Patna would enable you to get many opportunities with jobs like an agricultural analyst, agricultural researcher or officer as agriculture is the backbone of this country and there’s no end to the number of jobs you could get in the field of agriculture.


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture {B.Sc. (Agriculture)}

Eligibility :-

The eligibility for this course is to pass HSC examinations.

Duration :-

The course duration is 4 years, divided into eight semesters. Each year has two semesters. One can register for this course right after finishing HSC examinations. The curriculum of the course covers topics like modern agricultural practices, soil sciences, water resource management, basics of biotechnology and animal management. The course aims to make students confident in their abilities of improving agricultural productivity by actually doing the groundwork or by becoming a part of research fellowships to research new and better agricultural practices and new ways of farming.

Program Outcome

Some of the key subjects covered in the course include:

  • Soil sciences
  • Organic farming
  • Forestry
  • Agricultural economics
  • Seed sciences
  • Plant genetics
  • Plant chemistry
  • Crop diseases
  • Climate study
Program Specific Outcome

Some key features of Bsc Agriculture in CVRU:

  • State of the art laboratories
  • Experienced faculty
  • Special focus on Bihar specific agricultural studies
  • Placement assistance for every student
  • Tie ups with other top agriculture colleges in India for exchange of knowledge
  • Guest lectures from experts in the industry
Career Options

There are several career options for people who do Bsc Agriculture, with India being a solely agrarian country. If you wish to further your education, you can go for courses like-

  • Msc Agriculture
  • MBA in Agriculture
  • M.S Foreign Studies
  • UPSC exams
Other than further studies, a student also has many other employment opportunities. One can go for private jobs, teaching and research jobs or jobs as a forest officer.
An agriculture course is not just for farmers, and many people could benefit from a Bsc in agriculture. It opens job prospects in fields like research, sales and marketing and the best part is that the cost of this course is a lot less than any other B.E course.