University Bodies
University Bodies

Governing Body

For well functioning of the University, Dr. C.V. Raman University has an executive committee which acts as the governing body. This committee consists of a board of members, who meet at regular intervals to discuss various issues. It is the governing body who drafts the Rules and Regulations of the institution for smooth functioning of the University.

Board of Management

The Board of Management is responsible for complete planning and execution of all activities of the University. The Vice Chancellor governs this body, which also consists of 10 board members and department heads and state government nominees.

Finance Committee

The Financial Committee of Dr. C.V. Raman University is responsible for the various economic and financial allotments throughout the academic year. This particular committee is the advisor to the Board of Directors which assists them in all terms of fund allocation.

Academic Council

This Council is governed by Vice Chancellor of the University, which is also comprised of 18 members. This academic council functions as the principle for- formulating, regulating and maintaining the standards of teaching, assistantship, research, extensions, training and examination in the University. This department is also responsible for drafting the policies related to academic operations and procedures.

Shri Santosh Choubey 

Hon. Visitor

Prof V K Verma  


Dr. R. K. Pande

V.C. Chancellor

Dr. Sitesh Kumar Sinha