Why You Should Study BBA

BBA or Bachelors in Business Administration is a three year professional, undergraduate course that is divided into six semesters. Studying BBA can be beneficial for everyone because there is a business element to every passion one can pursue. This is one of the main reasons why BBA is such a popular course. Any student can pursue this course after they clear their higher secondary examinations, regardless of the stream.

What makes BBA such a good option to study after higher secondary examinations?

As a course, BBA aims to build a student’s business skills, improve their levels of productivity, efficiency and performance in the professional world. If a boost in your business skills is something you desire, BBA would be the right choice for you.

Along with this, it improves your chances of getting a job, since employment opportunities after graduation are numerous. Students have the opportunity to work in fields such as finance, marketing, consultancy and insurance, just to name a few. This is also a great course for students who wish to start their own businesses.

Where can one study BBA or Bachelor in Business Administration?

There are many good universities where one can study BBA. If you are looking for the best BBA college in Bihar, you can opt for Dr C.V Raman University in Bihar. The faculty at this university is very well qualified and experienced in their field. They have many years of experience and aspire to pass on all of their knowledge to every student that enrols for the course.

The professors at this university use a combination of theory and practical methods to impart their knowledge. This makes sure that the students become well acquainted with every aspect of the course. This also helps make sure that the learning styles of every student are respected and incorporated. Since every student has a different method of learning, the use of both practical and theoretical methods makes sure that the students learn to the best of their capabilities.

Additionally, the university conducts regular events like seminars, conferences and guest lectures. Speakers visit the university and they come from different backgrounds. This gives the students an opportunity to learn from the various different challenges faced by professionals who have been working in the industry for a long time. After these events are conducted, students also have the opportunity to speak to the professionals on a one on one basis to get their individual queries addressed.

Finding a job after graduation should not be an issue at all, which is why the university has a placement cell. The university has tie-ups with several good companies in the industry, which makes it easier for the students to find a job. The placement cell also trains the students with good interview skills and grooms them with soft skills so that they can make a good first impression on the recruiters.

About the course

The Bachelor of Business Administration course is divided into 6 semesters with 2 semesters each year. The course is designed to provide in-depth and practical knowledge of the subjects related to various aspects of management theory and practices. Some of the most important subjects and course points taught in BBA are:

  • Statistics
  • Business Communication
  • Principles of Management
  • MIS
  • Economics
  • Database Design
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting
  • Production
  • Basics of HR
  • Operations and more

Future Prospects

The current professional environment has an urgent need for professionals with good managerial and business skills. A BBA degree helps students to get those skills.

This degree opens up a wide range of opportunities in many different industries like BFSI, Advertising, Manufacturing Industries, Urban Infrastructure, Hotel Management, IT Firms, Real Estate Management, Consultancies and Academic Institutions. The placement cell makes sure some of the best companies in the industry are invited for campus placements. After a student completes aBBA course , some of the main job profiles that open up for them, include the following :

  • Account Executive
  • Brand Executive
  • Operation Executive
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Project Executive

These are just a few of the job profiles that become available. Students also have the option to take the academic route and opt for a master of business administration or MBA after completing this course.

What makes a student eligible for the BBA course at CVRU Bihar?

To be eligible for the BBA course, a student must score at least 50% aggregate in their higher secondary examinations having any stream. While there is not much importance given to the cut-offs, preference is given to students who score higher grades. Students who have studied economics or mathematics would have an edge over the other students. For more information about the course and admission requirements, please visit www.cvrubihar.ac.in