Glimpse Of BCA

If you have always been interested in computers, then a course in BCA is probably just what you need. Every single industry today relies on computer science professionals. The whole world would crumble had it not been for technological advancements. The amazing facilities available at CVRU Bihar help to make it stand out from the rest of the BCA colleges in Bihar.

Sometimes, students lack the opportunity and means to get the kind of education they deserve. At CVRU Bihar, we aim to make this dream a reality for all students, from all walks of life. At CVRU, we stay up to date with all the latest developments in the field of computer science, as there are new trends almost every single day. The courses are designed in such a way that they are always up to date.


The faculty at CVRU is extremely experienced and committed to bringing out the best in each student. They use a combination of theoretical and practical methods to teach their students. Classes follow traditional as well as modern approaches, in the form of lectures, textbook and smart classes.

The university also has fully equipped labs with the latest technologies that students can use for practical exposure.

The university also has a library that has over 10,000 books on every subject that a student would need for a bright future in the field.

One of the most important factors of this university is that special remedial classes are held after regular classes for all those students who do not have the capability to grasp concepts as fast as the others do. All the students are welcome to attend these classes to come and get their doubts cleared.

Guest lectures and conferences are a regular feature of the university. These are held so that the students get an idea of what the real business world is like. The students also get an opportunity to interact with the guest lecturers, and to solve their own individual queries.

Some of the subjects taught in the curriculum are:

  • Computer Fundamentals.
  • C-Programming.
  • System Analysis & Design.
  • In-depth Working of Computer Sub-system.
  • Organizational Behaviour.
  • Visual Basic.
  • Computer Laboratory & Practical work.
  • Extra curricular activities and much more


Without good computer science professionals, every business today would crumble. The support of good IT professionals is needed in every field. This makes it really important for more students to pick this as a career option. If you have good logical, analytical and problem solving skills, and have a strong understanding of mathematics, you would do well in the field of computers and IT.

The best part about going for a BCA course is that you can finish your HSC examinations from any state recognized board and go for it. It is not a prerequisite for you to have had computers as a subject before doing this course.

Career Prospects:

There is no end to the opportunities that open up for you after you do a course in computers. IT companies keep recruiting professionals for developing hardware, softwares, apps just to name a few. Since every private company has a requirement for IT professionals, there is no dearth of employability for IT professionals in private companies. The packages offered are also similar to those offered to students coming from other backgrounds