The Importance of Agriculture In Education

C.V Raman University, Bihar recognizes the need for agriculture and education related to agriculture, especially in a country like India and hopes to impart knowledge about the latest agriculture technologies so that its students have a bright future in the field of agriculture. India is a largely agrarian country, where over 50% of the population relies on agriculture as a means of livelihood and 25% of the GDP of India comes from agriculture, this makes it even more important for universities to have an agriculture department.

CVRU Bihar is one of the best agriculture colleges in Bihar. A course in agriculture would include everything about harvesting and husbandry. The course provides in-depth information on plants, plant and crop disease, seeds and everything else a student needs to be well equipped for a career in agriculture.

Being one of the top agriculture colleges in Patna, CVRU Bihar, provides students with the latest information and development in the field of agriculture and keeps them updated with everything that may be happening in the agriculture industry. The course offered, teaches its students new and improved farming practices, water resource management, how to tell the difference between different soil types and more information relating to agriculture.

The course is a four year course with two semesters in each year. To be eligible for these courses, one has to pass HSC examinations from a recognized board. The curriculum covers topics like water resource management, different types of soils, how environmental and seasonal factors impact crop growth, and modern agricultural practices to improve crop production.

By doing this course, students get a hands on experience in the agriculture industry and open many career opportunities for themselves. There’s a misconception that agriculture is all about farming and that there are no other jobs associated with agriculture. This is a strange misconception, as India is predominantly an agriculture based society and many jobs exist in the field. An individual can opt for research in the field, or join research fellowships. There are also opportunities to become agricultural officers, agricultural analysts and chances to research new and better ways of doing agriculture in general.

This course would also open your doors to further your education, like you could go for Msc. in Agriculture, MBA in agriculture, Foreign studies. You could even go for UPSC examinations. These are your options apart from going for employment opportunities. One of the best parts of a course in agriculture is that this course costs a lot less than any other B.E course.